Persian Breed Advisory Committee

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Would all Persian Judges, breeders and exhibitors of Self Persians, please note that:


Incorrect pigment in nose leather, eye rims and paw pads of Self Persians is a withholding fault.  This applies to Certificates for adults and First Prizes in kitten classes.


'Freckles' may occur on nose leather, lips, eyelids and ears on a Red Self or Cream Self Persian.  Freckling in an adult cat should not be penalised.


Please see the Standard of Points for Self Persians on this website.




PRA(pd) is a form of early-onset progressive retinal atrophy that is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion.  Onset of photoreceptor loss is around 5 weeks of age with severe loss by 16 weeks of age, meaning most affected cats are blind by 16-17 weeks of age.  Cats that carry the mutant gene have normal vision.  It is estimated that around 4-5% of the UK/European cats tested were carriers of the Persian PRA mutation.  A PCR-based pyrosequencing assay to quickly and accurately identify the genetic mutation known to cause PRA in Persian and related breeds has been developed.  The DNA test is available at Langford Veterinary Services (Bristol University) and at VGL (UC Davis).


Breeders are strongly recommended to test breeding cats if they suspect they carry this condition.


It is intended that from 1st January 2016, imported Persians will need to be tested clear, prior to registration on the Active Register with GCCF.