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Please click on the link below for the Breeding Policy for Persian cats.


Please note that this policy has been approved by the GCCF Genetics Committee.  Final amendments to the policy, proposed at the 22nd February 2015  meeting, were agreed.  This document is now complete.

Breeders and purchasers of Persian kittens should be aware of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), a deleterious gene mutation which causes enlarged kidneys composed of dilated cystic channels, resulting in early kidney failure and death.  Although the prevalence of the AD-PKD gene is known to be decreasing in UK Persians, probably as a result of the successful implementation of a pre-breeding screening programme for the disease, it is still common.  It is believed to be the commonest genetic disease in cats.


Only Persian cats that are deemed to be PKD Negative will be registered on the Active Register as suitable for breeding (see Persian Registration Policy for the PKD testing protocol).  PKD Positive cats can be registered on the Genetic Register.


Purchasers of Persian kittens are advised to ensure that their new kitten is from PKD Negative tested stock.



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